a friendly reminder that Guy Cecil is kind of batshit frightening when he finally loses his temper


              they said I was destined for GREATNESS

              but how ɠɾҽαƚ can I be,

              when I couldn’t even sᴀᴠᴇ those I loved?



                         sneezes obnoxiously loudly.

"Well that didn’t sound good,” Guy commented as soon as he entered the room, walking to stand at the noble boy’s side. Wasn’t it lucky that the ex-servant always seemed to be around when Luke needed him? He must have a sense for these things.

"Do you need anything, Luke?"

"How about some tea? Or soup? How long have you been sneezing like that? You’ve been resting the whole time, right? Been drinking lots of fluids?" As he continued his interrogation of the young swordsman, he eased closer while removing a glove from one of his hands, reaching to press the back of it against the redhead’s brow.

He was prepared to nurse the younger male for as long as it took for him to be well again, just like he always used to.

Force of habit, really.


The pinkette peered over the blonde’s shoulder as she stared at the blade. “It does look rather dull, hm?” She said, as she smiled lightly.

The woman had seemed to appear out of no where, and simply decided to speak to the man, curiosity peaked. A strange new world, and she was a bit bored.


As soon as the woman’s voice hit his ear, the swordsman leapt forward with a sharp gasp escaping him. His sheathed blade fell to the ground in front of him, though he didn’t seem to mind at all as his body shook profusely. Gailardia tried to calm himself quickly, taking a few breaths before he addressed the stranger, attempting a smile.

"Y… Yeah, definitely. I do use it a lot though, so I’m not surprised it’s dulled so fast." His heartbeat was regular again and his face was regaining its previous colour; he was relaxing as quickly as he could. He didn’t want to seem rude, especially not when this woman seemed to be the friendly sort.

Hopefully she didn’t mind the way he started earlier?

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Guy clicks his tongue as he runs the tips of two gloved fingers along the length of his blade, testing the edge. He also lifts it up, holding it in different positions in front of his face as he scrutinizes the metal.

He sheathes his sword and lays it across his lap, pondering now.

"It’s about time I sharpen this one again." Now he just had to think of where he could find a sharpening stone to use that was nearby.